Wow! Just how strong are those wings?

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Wow! Just how strong are those wings?

Postby uplink » Thu Nov 07, 2019 1:32 pm

Over the last couple of years of flying my Multiplex Heron glider, I've had several comments that have basically suggested, that enthusiastic

aerobatics with a glider might be pushing it a bit - indeed, pushing it towards the "wing-snapping part of the envelope".

And yes, I guess that one day the wings will indeed have ultimately had enough.

But I don't think my mild aerobatics get to stress the wings quite to the extent seen here in this video.

Here, you'd think the guy was definitely out to try and snap them!

Check out the wing torture at 5:00 minutes into the video.

(Best, in order to give a full screen display option, to click on the text link rather than the picture).

Now THAT'S a thermal.

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