Best Electric - hydrogen fuel cell or batteries?

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Best Electric - hydrogen fuel cell or batteries?

Postby uplink » Thu Nov 01, 2018 9:05 pm

Apparently, 1 kg of hydrogen has 236 times as much energy as a 1 kg Lithium Ion battery. That's a huge difference in the required storage weight for a given power output - so hydrogen must win, hands down - right?

Not only that, but hydrogen can refill a car's tank in about the same time as needed to fill a car's petrol tank, whereas a Li-on battery may take more than an hour to fully recharge. Again hydrogen wins by a considerable amount.

So, hydrogen must be the clear winner - by many, many miles!

But take a look at this video. It checks out all the inefficiencies of powering an electric motor by hydrogen (you'd be surprised how many there are) and it compares them to powering that motor using a rechargable Li-on battery ...... and it comes up with some very interesting results.

So, when you eventually go electric, which do you go for? - a hydrogen car or a battery car?
Now THAT'S a thermal.

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