Thanks Scott

If you have a model, either electric or glow, that you feel has such a great setup that it would be beneficial for others to know about, then tell us about it here!

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Thanks Scott

Postby uplink » Tue Mar 03, 2009 1:01 pm

Often down the field folks ask – what motor have you in that – what batteries are you using – what’s the AUW – how long a duration do you get – what prop are you using – did you modify it in any way? etc etc. ..sometimes out of general interest - no doubt, but sometimes as a pointer to what they might do / buy.

So, I envisaged the club might build up a bit of a library of info on various models in this section .... something along the lines of:-

Electric Banana Flying Boat


Used Brushless Waypoint 3020-12
prop 12 by 7 Electric
span 60inch
AUW about 2.4Kg
Bought from Chuffin Models online at #98.37p
Batt 8 cell NimH 3500mAh
Duration on full throttle about 9 mins
ARTF took about 5 evenings to complete, because I didn’t want the battery access from underneath (the way it comes) and arranged it to be via the removable canopy – without this worthwhile mod, build would be about 2 evenings.
Flight: Power ok for general aerobatics - landings benefit from setting the Tx up to give 10mm of down flap - achieved by having both ailerons go down on the flap switch.

Etc, Etc….
Now THAT'S a thermal.

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