C-160 Cargo build

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C-160 Cargo build

Postby Rizlaw » Wed Jun 24, 2009 1:41 pm

Ok this is to be my pride and joy the one i can savour.

i think its a cm pro c160 72" wingspan.
fibreglass fuz and balsa covered foam wings

the set up i will install is the following

2x 1100kv 3548 motors
2x 70Amp esc's
1 3s 4800 kokam lipo
seperate 7.4v 2250 lipo for r/x servo with bec

so far i have installed servos towerpro 5010 which at 6v produce 6kg torgue

i have done inital test of motors on 10x7 prop which on 3cell takes about 45amps full throttle at 10000 rpm which equates to 90amp total.

on 2 cell it draws 28 amps full throttle with 7-8000 rpm. totalling 56 amps.

so imy iniotial option will be 800 watts of power and have the option of 400 watts .

im estimating a all up weight of 3kg which is 6.61 lbs this equates to 120 watts per pound which will provide a sporty performance. Its not like i need to do a knife edge wit hthis one eh lads :P

on 2 cell power it will be lighter but have a ratio of 60 watts per lb which would make it the power of a weak glider.

i mean if this item comes at 2.5kg all up then i have a aerobatic plane etc.

so the build, i have used insulation tape for windows,

motor mounts needed to be extended to allow perfect fit for naccelles.

i used a 1/4 ply to add further strenth to existing mount and som wide piece of ply to cover the 5cm of distance i needed to make up.

have a look at pics and ill keep you posted.

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Postby scott » Wed Jun 24, 2009 2:49 pm

Looking good Riz, you may want to beef up the sides othe nacels as the one in the box if you can remember had additional support down the sides to the firewalls . . .

Have you decided where your going to put the ESC's and Batts?



Postby Rizlaw » Thu Jun 25, 2009 3:32 pm

after hours of soldering and safety checking the wing is done !!


Postby Rizlaw » Fri Jun 26, 2009 1:05 pm

ok i got it out to test today here are the results , excuse all the noise.

power used for bot motors as follows.

low throttle 12 amps
mid throttle 30 amps ,taxing power going take off,
high power 70 amps + emergency use really

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