If you have a model, either electric or glow, that you feel has such a great setup that it would be beneficial for others to know about, then tell us about it here!

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Postby uplink » Fri Oct 09, 2009 10:17 pm

A rather unorthadox designed, ARTF, styro foam plane with a 42inch span.
The 8th Oct 2009 saw me give it a couple of flights - it's first for months, if not years!... and it still flies -


well, yes - it was a bit lame, what with all the extra weight of many, many, many past repairs and I'd only an old 600 brushed motor to put in it and an 8 cell NiCd pack -


mind, it did start it's life with a 600 Jamara Venti brushed motor and just 7 Sanyo Race 2000mAh cells - it's first flight, in a huge field next to a track in Ravenshead known as Sandy Lane - it was way back on 22/2/2003 and I got all of 5mins 15secs flight time !!

Later - 11 May 2005 - I upgraded it to use a Brushless AXI2814-12 and noted, in my log book, a noticable step up in available power... yes, this became the plane that I learnt my initial aerobatics on ... and, consiquently how to repair a plane - over and over and over again!!


Yes, how many spliced in pieces of ply can you spot, strengthening the points where wings cracked off - more than once - and the fusalage broke in two - more than once ?

An interesting shape to get to grips with - orientation wise - you definitly need different colours on top and bottom surfaces to help you out ... hence the purple top and yellow underbelly. That said, a very stable plane to fly, though does tend to loose a touch more height in a tightish turn than you might expect ... well, more than I expected ... several times more than I expected !
Now THAT'S a thermal.

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